SBI’s New Mobile Handheld Device: Simplifying Banking for Customers

Good News for SBI Customers! State Bank Launches Mobile Handheld Device For Customers; Know All Details 

SBI Mobile Handheld Device

What is the SBI Mobile Handheld Device? The SBI Mobile Handheld Device is a portable, user-friendly gadget designed to provide customers with easy and secure access to various banking services. This compact device combines cutting-edge technology with the bank’s commitment to improving customer experience.

Key Features of the SBI Mobile Handheld Device:

  1. Account Access: Customers can check their account balance, view recent transactions, and even get mini statements at their convenience, without the need to visit a bank branch or ATM.
  2. Fund Transfers: Transfer money seamlessly between your SBI accounts and to other bank accounts through NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS. It simplifies the process of making payments, even to non-SBI beneficiaries.
  3. Bill Payments: Pay utility bills, credit card bills, and more with just a few taps on the device. Say goodbye to the hassle of standing in long queues.
  4. Mobile Recharge: Recharge your mobile phone or DTH connection swiftly, directly from the handheld device.
  5. eKYC and Aadhar Seeding: Complete your eKYC process and link your Aadhar to your SBI account hassle-free.
  6. Easy Navigation: The device features an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for customers of all ages.
  7. Enhanced Security: SBI has ensured that the device is equipped with robust security features, including biometric authentication, to protect your financial data.

How to Get the SBI Mobile Handheld Device:

Acquiring the SBI Mobile Handheld Device is simple:

  1. Visit your nearest SBI branch.
  2. Request the device from the bank staff.
  3. Complete the required documentation and registration process.
  4. Receive your device along with instructions on how to use it.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of banking at your fingertips.

Benefits of the SBI Mobile Handheld Device:

  • Time-Saving: No more waiting in long queues or struggling with complex online banking interfaces.
  • Accessibility: It brings banking services to your doorstep, even in remote areas.
  • Financial Inclusion: It promotes financial inclusion by reaching customers who may not have access to smartphones or internet banking.
  • Customer Support: SBI provides dedicated customer support for any queries or issues related to the device.
  • Reduced Paperwork: Say goodbye to extensive paperwork for various banking services.

The launch of the SBI Mobile Handheld Device aligns with SBI’s commitment to digital transformation and customer-centric innovation. It empowers customers to bank conveniently and securely, making their financial lives easier than ever before.

So, if you’re an SBI customer looking for a more accessible and efficient way to manage your finances, visit your nearest SBI branch and get your Mobile Handheld Device today. Embrace the future of banking with the State Bank of India!

5 core SBI banking services at your doorstep

The new offer will provide five core banking services in its initial phase which includes:

1) Cash withdrawal

2) Deposits

3) Fund transfers

4) Balance inquiry

5) Mini statements

These services account for more than 75 per cent of the total transactions conducted at the bank’s CSP (customer service point) outlets.

The bank also plans to include services such as enrolments under social security schemes, account opening, remittance and card-based services under this facility shortly.

This initiative, chairman Dinesh Khara said, aims to empower financial inclusion and extend essential banking services to the masses and is part of enhancing accessibility and convenience in availing banking services.

Who will benefit?

The move brings kiosk banking directly to customers’ doorsteps as it offers greater flexibility to customer service point agents, enabling them to reach out to customers, especially for those facing health issues, senior citizens and differently-abled.

According to the SBI press release, “The Mobile Handheld Device is set to revolutionize banking accessibility by bringing kiosk banking directly to customer’s doorstep. It offers greater flexibility to customer service point (CSP) agents enabling them to reach out to customers wherever they are. The initiative will particularly benefit customers who face challenges in accessing CSP outlets due to health issues, Senior citizens and Divyangjans.”

CSPs serve as official bank representatives, providing customers with essential banking services such as opening accounts, depositing and withdrawing cash, checking balances, and facilitating fund transfers.

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